Judy Hyman

Emmy winning composer, violinist, fiddler

Musically, Gravity Dance is a melange of rock, folk, and minimalism, all held together by Judy Hyman's haunting violin and a glove tight rhythm section. This is music that challenges the brain without sacrificing the groove.  --Dan Kening, Chicago Tribune

Ithaca’s Horse Flies wailed during their spirited instrumental, and their fiddler Judy Hyman also hit the mark with her solo violin performance backing a PowerPoint presentation of Cuomo’s evolving stand of fracking.  --Greg Haymes, Albany Times Union, about the concert from which the film "Dear Governor Cuomo" was made

[Natalie] Merchant's current outing has been dubbed The Folk Tour and she indeed mixed a variety of traditional and contemporary folk pieces into her repertoire. In addition, she augmented her usual band with fiddler Judy Hyman and banjo player Rich Stearns, both of another quirky New York state group, the marvelous contemporary string band the Horseflies. Hyman provided the evening's most stirring instrumental moments, notably when she set the traditional Penny's Farm off at a ferocious pace.  --Michael Parris, Chicago Tribune

... The Flies are very good players, too, dedicated to a punchy, coherent band groove. Hyman, on violin, teams with keyboardist Peter Dodge to create woozy roller-coaster effects...  --Jon Young, Musician Magazine

On Human Fly they mixed the rattling repetition of Claus' frantic strummed rhythm work with Judy Hyman's rousing fiddle work, blending folk styles with the repetition of modern systems music.  --The Guardian (London)

Gravity Dance finds The Horse Flies moving in increasingly strange directions, though their traditional sound is still evident on songs like Sally Ann, which has a powerful and beautiful violin part by Judy Hyman who excels throughout the record.  --Peter Brown, After Dark (Philadelphia)

Judy Hyman, a fellow fiddler said recently, is a force. And that pretty much cuts to the heart of it. For thirty years, Judy has been playing a powerful groove, exploring the edges of tradition ...  --Brendan Taaffe, Fiddler Magazine

The vocal arrangements are exceptional, and I was overwhelmed by the scope of fiddler Judy Hyman's work; she covers a lot of ground that is too often considered uncharted territory for fiddlers today.  --Steve Romanoski, Option Magazine

In the middle was fiddler Judy Hyman, who sounded in one minute like she'd never been out of West Virginia, then like a Hungarian gypsy the next and then an Indian Indian (as distinguished from a Native American Indian) after that. What made her multicultural fluidity so unusual -- and such a pleasure to hear -- was that it not only all fit together without sounding forced or grafted, it had its own vicious kind of swing.  --W. Patrick Hinely, News-Gazette, Lexington, Virginia

Their sound is distinguished by propulsive rhythms launched by Stearns and Claus, embellished by Hyman and stirred by the rhythm section... Part of the appeal of this oddly Gothic band is its communal nature. They dedicate themselves to sonic weave...  --Carlo Wolff, The Beacon Journal (Akron, Ohio)

The technical prowess of fiddle player Judy Hyman is particularly impressive and definitely worth noting.  --Michael Ofjord, All Music Guide

...fluidity and impeccable intonation...  --James Christopher Monger, All Music Guide

...and thanks, Judy Hyman, for the breakthrough fiddle...  --Bob Coltman, Record Roundup, Cambridge, MA